1910 Packard 18 Landaulet


1910 Packard 18 Landaulet

In 1986, my father sold the 1910 Peerless Landaulet that had been in our family since 1960. I was unable to get to the auction where it sold and lost the chance to own it for the next two years. However, I still wanted a 1910 Peerless, Packard or Pierce Arrow with a landaulet body. That is when I learned that Jack Skaff of southeastern Michigan was interested in selling this 1910 Packard Model 18 Landaulet.

At the time, I was working as a Video Producer for Domino’s Pizza in Ann Arbor. Jack offered to bring the car to our headquarters and let me take it for a test spin. I was already familiar with the car as it was a veteran of many of the tours on which I had driven or ridden. When the car arrived, my buddy Tom Monaghan rode with me and took a turn driving it too.

It was an easy sale. Although it had an older restoration, it still ran like a champ. Jack had added an electric starter, which made it even more fun to drive. He also removed the hard top that extended over the driver to a fixed windshield to make it look like another standard body that was offered by Packard in 1910. (He still had both, the top and the windshield).

My family and I took this car on two Glidden Tours. The first one was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the second one was in Columbus, Ohio. In Grand Rapids, we had a mechanical breakdown that kept us from finishing the last day of the tour. We burned out a bearing in the transaxle. I saved the repairs for when we got back to my shop in Georgia.

Over the couple years that I owned this car, we drove it often. It was VERY dependable! I also did some cosmetic restoration like repainting the wheels, re-striping the paint and a few other minor projects. But, after two years of trying to purchase the 1910 Peerless, I had finally struck a deal with the new owner. I purchased the Peerless and kept the Packard for a few more years. The two of them looked like a Big Sister (Peerless) and Little Brother (Packard) whenever they were seen together.