1925 Model T Ford Speedster

1925 Ford Model T Speedster

1925 Model T Ford Speedster

The 1925 Model “T” Ford Speedster shown above was my older brother, Bill’s car. He started with a model “T” engine when he was fifteen and acquired enough parts to finish the chassis by scavenging the parts resources of many of our old-car friends. The body was purchased from Rootlieb. Bill did the entire engine rebuild, paint preparation, chassis painting, accessory restoration and his own upholstery. He added a Warford three-speed transmission after the planetary transmission, so he had three speeds in reverse and six speeds forward. Bill also installed hydraulic brakes on the rear wheels.

Over the years, I’ve had a few occasions to work on Bill’s car for him, but I also built a Model “T” Speedster of my own. In fact, I’ve restored three model “T’s”: a 1925 Speedster, a 1926 Coupe and a 1927 Tudor Sedan. I purchased the three chassis in 1984 from a business acquaintance in Jacksonville, Alabama. They had been in a field for years and were pretty rough.

The 1925 Speedster that I restored was completed in 1993. It was the last of the three “T” restorations that I performed. It also has a speedster body by Rootlieb and traditional fenders. The entire chassis and wire wheels were painted bright fire engine red. The engine had been completely overhauled as was the transmission. I upgraded the ignition to include a distributor and coil. I also added a water pump.

Before finishing the paint job on the body, I decided to sell the car and allow the new owner to determine his/her own color scheme. I have no pictures of this restoration because it was a model “T”. What’s the point? All of the parts used to restore the car were either good originals or purchased NOS from Snyders Car Parts of Ohio. It sure is great to be able to just pick up the phone and have brand new parts delivered to your door in just a few days.