1942 Lincoln Convertible Cabriolet


1942 Lincoln Convertible Cabriolet (One of 136 produced)

I purchased this car in 1984, in Georgia, as a solid, but un-restored car. It was in need of a complete restoration, but had little rust or cancer on it. Even the chrome and upholstery were still in pretty good condition. The V-12 engine had cracked heads (probably from freezing at some point). All the work I ever did on this car was to collect some missing trim pieces and enough literature to begin the research phase. I only owned this car for about one year before selling it.

For 1942 the Lincoln Continental underwent a dramatic front-end redesign. The front end became more massive, there was much more chrome and the headlights were redesigned. Overall, the car was longer, wider and lower.

Production of the 1942 model automobiles was cut short by America’s entry into World War Two. Only 136 cabriolets and 200 club coupes were built in 1942 before production ceased. There are only 27 of these cars known to still exist.

The V-12 motor was now larger (306 cubic-inches) and horsepower was now rated at 130. Cast iron heads replaced the earlier aluminum heads.